The Sea-Doo SPARK: Packing a whole lot of family fun into a price you’ll love.

BRP re-ignited the marine industry with the introduction of the Sea-Doo SPARK, the most accessible and affordable watercraft on the market.

The Sea-Doo SPARK generated 20% industry growth since its introduction and reinforced  Sea-Doo’s number one position. The fun, nimble Sea-Doo SPARK makes the dream of owning a watercraft a reality today.

In 2016, the Sea-Doo SPARK is easy to customize in 5 steps with six new graphic kits5 total colors to choose from and the ability to equip technologies that come standard with the iBR and Convenience Package Plus. The experience of owning the Sea-Doo SPARK puts it in a class of its own with a new handlegrip with palm rests available on all Sea-Doo SPARK models that increase rider control and decrease arm fatigue.

Riders create their SPARK in 5 simple steps


TW 3 Sparks Red Green Blue Dawn_8313_16 12 MAR 2016

More fun with seating up to three passengers.


  • Sea-Doo SPARK 2up: Provides a capacity for two riders with a maximum weight of 350 lbs (159 kg).
  • Sea-Doo SPARK 3up: Ideal for 2 adults and a child or teenager with a maximum capacity of 450 lbs (205 kg). It has an elongated seat and platform extension to provide more buoyancy and stability and towing capabilities.


  • Rotax 900 ACE: Using just 1.94 gallons (7.34 L) of fuel per hour, this engine generates entry-level power, and is only available on the Sea-Doo SPARK 2up model.
  • Rotax 900 HO ACE: Using only up to 2.4 gallons (9 L) per hour, this high-output engine has quicker acceleration and a higher top speed. It is available on both 2up and 3up models.


The Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft is also available with the exclusive Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system that provides a level of control and peace of mind that has become associated with modern Sea-Doo watercraft. The Sea-Doo iBR system is the first and only braking system recognized by the USCG (U.S. Coast Guard) for contributing to recreational boating safety since 2009. The optional Sea-Doo SPARK iBR system available on 90hp units is intuitive and specifically designed to offer maximum braking efficiency and low speed control with neutral starting.

In 2016, a Sea-Doo SPARK equipped with iBR will come standard with Sea-Doo’s Convenience Package Plus that includes popular optional items for Sea-Doo watercraft: a Front Storage Bin Kit, a Sea-Doo Step for easy re-boarding and the Digitally Encoded Security System with radio frequency technology (RF D.E.S.S.) for greater security from theft and unauthorized use.

blog SEA-MY16-FAMILY 10 MAR 2016

A rainbow of style-filled colors to choose from. SPARK comes in  (from left to right) Vanilla, Blueberry, Chili Pepper, Pineapple, and Key Lime.


Riders can choose from exciting and vibrant Blueberry, Key Lime, Chili Pepper, Pineapple or Vanilla colorations.


IG Sea-Doo MY16 PAC_Rec Lite_A0208_AC-2 08 MAR 2016

Express your personality by customizing your SPARK with an Attitude Graphic Kit or truly be one-of-a-kind and design your own SPARK wrap.


Consumers can decide to select one of our dozens of Attitude Graphic Kits or create one of their own to make their Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft unique to them. A customization offered only by Sea-Doo allows consumers to choose fully integrated accessories including:

  • Tow Pro – Three accessories in one; a tow pylon, spotter handle and rack.
  • Chill Shade – Provides coverage up to speeds of 56 km/h (35 mph) and on land.
  • Sea-Doo Step – Convenient for reboarding and installs on the transom of the watercraft.
  • Front Storage Bin Kit – Maximizes storage for essentials.
  • RF D.E.S.S. Key – Digitally Encoded Security System programmed with a unique code.
  • Manual Reverse Kit – Provides added maneuverability for watercraft without iBR.
  • Side Protectors – Protects the Sea-Doo SPARK from small impacts and wear.
  • Snap-In Fenders – Offer extra protection when docking and can be quickly attached.
  • Sea-Doo SPARK Move II trailer – Designed to carry two Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft.
  • Speed Ties – Retractable dock lines at the helm and transom that store out of sight.

The compact Sea-Doo SPARK is the lightest watercraft on the market ideal for short, playful rides on smaller bodies of water and holds its own under rougher conditions for more challenging, thrilling rides. The minimalist Exoskel architecture gives the Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft an open-air upper deck appearance with a framework that consists of two forward swept “arms” securing the handlebar and rider connection. By keeping only the essential structural portions of the watercraft in the rider control area, strength and durability are maintained. The Exoskel reduces weight while creating a unique modern design that defines the playful maneuverability of the Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft and a power-to-weight ratio close to 50% better than the closest competitive model. Its compact design and lightweight construction makes it easy to own, easy to tow, and simple to store.

The innovation of the Sea-Doo SPARK goes beyond the architectural design and extends into the advanced materials and processes used to create this watercraft. Polytec, an exclusive recipe of polypropylene and long glass fibers designed specifically for watercraft hull and deck applications, is used to make up the Sea-Doo SPARK Exoskel. This material is a recyclable, low density, high-impact resistant, lightweight composite material. Polytec keeps the overall weight of the watercraft low without compromising strength and durability.

Powered by the robust Rotax 900 ACE engine, the Sea-Doo SPARK costs more than 30% less than the closest model  and is the most fuel-efficient watercraft in the industry. It is economical to operate and maintain, making Sea-Doo watercraft ownership available to more people than ever before. Designed specifically for delivering years of reliable fun, the ROTAX 900 ACE is an in-line three-cylinder 4-stroke power plant featuring iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) system and CLCS (Closed-Loop Cooling System). The Rotax 900 HO ACE adds power, Sport mode and has a top speed close to 50 mph (80 km/h).

The Sea-Doo SPARK is one of the industry’s most decorated watercraft of all time winning the NMMA Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award, Edison Silver Award, Boating Industry Magazine’s best new product, the Good Design Award in Japan and Australia, and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award.

 Riders can personalize everything according to their necessities, personality, lifestyle and budget from technology features to color and accessories. Most of all, the Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft is compact, lightweight and an absolute blast to ride. From recreational riding, to performance, to luxury or tow sports, BRP has a Sea-Doo model specially designed for every type of rider. The full line-up of Sea-Doo watercraft provide avant-garde styling, precise, superior handling and great value – delivering many years of fun for the best on-water experience your family can dream of.