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Today we are thrilled to share the top ten videos that will move on to the juried panel where the final three winners of the Share Your #SeaDooLife will be selected. The contest winners will be announced on 19 June 2016.

The top 10 videos were ranked by number of votes and will be displayed here in ranking order from first to tenth.

#1.My 2 WAKE 155 are Awesome by Leonel Caballero.

#2. First Ride by Jean-Philippe Rioux.

#3.Sea-Doo Video Competition || Sea-Doo 3D by Nate Myklebust.

#4. Living the #SeaDooLife by Steve Co.

#5. Salt Life on Sea-Doo 5 by Swan Lopez.

#6. My Sea-Doo Life in the 1000 Islands by Alain Beauparlant

#7.  #SeaDooLife by Brian Lurvey.

#8. Memorial Day Weekend 2016 at Deer Lake by Kevin Martin.

#9. Take a ride with Dylan (the Doo’er) by Paul D’Bunyan.

#10. Lake Days on the RXP by Harold Coley.

See all video entries here: http://bit.ly/1Weyr5b