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Orlando, Florida Aug. 16, 2016 – BRP continues to offer the benchmark in luxury watercraft with the Sea-Doo GTX Series delivering the highest level of comfort, technology and performance. In 2017, the Rotax ACE technology extends to more Sea-Doo models with the new Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine powering the new GTX Limited 230. All GTX watercraft are stylish, elegant and loaded with exclusive features including the industry’s first and only suspension system that isolates riders from the impact of rough water providing the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible.

GTX Limited 230_18606_MY17.jpg

2017 Sea-Doo GTX 230

The Rotax ACE, or Advanced Combustion Efficiency, engines implement advancements in combustion and cooling efficiency that produce substantially more power without adding mass. The ACE philosophy aids the new Rotax 1500 HO ACE in producing 15 more horsepower power than the previous version to provide strong power-to-weight performance and is optimized for regular fuel resulting in more money saved at the gas station. While the new engine produces 15 more horsepower than its predecessor, fuel consumption remains on par. Adding to the innovation, the new Rotax 1500 HO ACE follows in the wake of its big brother, the Rotax 1630 ACE engine, with a maintenance free* supercharger. The combination of increased power and efficiency of the new 230-hp Rotax 1500 HO ACE and the advanced ergonomics of the Ergolock seat, deliver a confidence-inspiring ride allowing riders to enjoy the ultimate in engine technology and comfortable luxury.

Ergonomics is a design element BRP places immense focus on to ensure the rider can maximize the use of the available power and translate it into performance with comfort and confidence. The exclusive Ergolock seat with stepped design on all GTX models provides all riders maximum body connection with the watercraft and a more natural position for more comfortable touring and confident cornering. Adding to the comfort of the plush Ergolock seat is the industry’s only on-water suspension system on select models. The exclusive Sea-Doo suspension system allows the hull to move independently of the top deck with a full 5.5 inches (14 cm) of suspension travel. The entire rider environment – Ergolock seat, footwells, handlebars and dry storage – is cushioned by a rear-mounted swing arm and gas shock with adjustable spring under the front section, isolating the riders and gear from the impact of choppy water for the ultimate in touring comfort.


The 2017 Sea-Doo GTX models are equipped with the second-generation Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system with an ultra responsive activation and faster braking. The Sea-Doo iBR system introduced in 2009 is the first and only braking system recognized by the United States Coast Guard for contributing to recreational boating safety and stops the Sea-Doo watercraft close to 160 feet (48.75 m) sooner1 than the same watercraft not using a braking system. The new iBR system adds to the rider centric design approach providing unmatched control at speed and during tight quarter manoeuvring.

The non-suspension GTX models offer extra storage space with an extra large glove box, exclusive Sea-Doo removable watertight storage bin and large front storage space under the bin for a massive 42.8 US gallons (162 liters) of total storage space. The 2017 Sea-Doo luxury models also feature the ergonomically-advanced handlegrips with palm rest for added comfort while riding. All GTX models feature the latest in programmable power delivery through the exclusive Sea-Doo Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) including Touring, Sport and ECO modes, Cruise Control and Slow mode.  The GTX segment rides on the exclusive S3 hull (Stepped, Stable, Strong) that provides better wave penetration on a longer platform that bridges chop better for a more stable and comfortable ride.


  • GTX Limited 230/300
  • GTX Limited S 260
  • GTX 155 / GTX S 155

 2017 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED 230/300

The new 2017 Sea-Doo GTX Limited 230 and GTX Limited 300 perfectly blend premium performance and luxury. Powered by the new Rotax ACE engines and outfitted with the Ergolock seat with stepped design, the GTX Limited 230 and 300 models offer more power and best-in-class rider-centric comfort. The Rotax 1630 ACE and Rotax 1500 HO ACE offer more power while keeping engine mass to a minimum leading to more performance-oriented model options in the luxury segment. The new power packages provide greater throttle response in all conditions and ensure strong power-to-weight performance, a signature of all Sea-Doo watercraft.


2017 GTX 300

The Sea-Doo GTX Limited 230 & GTX Limited 300 models flowing-edge upper deck design is complimented by the latest in rider-centric driving position with the new Ergolock seat with stepped design and the functionality of the stable and predictable S3 hull with rear sponsons. Both 2017 models come equipped with a long list of luxury features and accessories with the exclusive Limited package including; Speed Ties, glove box organizer, watercraft cover, high-performance Variable Trim System (VTS), removable dry bag, safety kit, and additional gauge functions including depth finder and water temperature and adorns a Jet Black Metallic and Deep Pewter Satin finish. The Sea-Doo GTX Limited 230 and 300 models are simply the best-of-the-best in non-suspension, luxury watercraft.


The Sea-Doo GTX Limited S 260 remains the industry’s most full-featured luxury model. It’s the only Limited watercraft with Suspension; an exclusive feature for the smoothest ride possible in choppy conditions thanks to the full rider environment suspension system. The combination of Ergolock seat with stepped design and Sea-Doo suspension system that absorbs up to 5.5 inches (14 cm) of harsh chop, turns long touring ventures into more enjoyable experiences with less rider fatigue and greater overall riding comfort.


2017 Sea-Doo GTX Limited S 260

The Sea-Doo GTX Limited S 260 offers ultimate control with the intuitive second-generation iBR providing an ultra-responsive activation and fast braking. The Limited package includes premium accessories as standard equipment including: Speed Tie retractable dock lines, glove box organizer, watercraft cover, high-performance Variable Trim System (VTS), removable dry bag, safety kit, and additional gauge functions including depth finder and water temperature. The 2017 Sea-Doo GTX Limited S 260 model is available in premium Jet Black Metallic and Deep Pewter Satin and is loaded with functional features, including the exclusive suspension system, to provide the best and most comfortable touring experience on a watercraft.

 2017 SEA-DOO GTX 155 / GTX S 155

The 2017 Sea-Doo GTX 155 model is the most affordable way to get started in the luxury segment with great style, features and price and comes equipped with the Ergolock seat with stepped design. The GTX 155 watercraft is ideal for riders who covet luxury and the stability of a larger boat but are also mindful of great fuel economy and overall affordability. This model features the most powerful naturally aspirated Rotax engine on a Sea-Doo, the intuitive second-generation Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR), large wet storage space under Sea-Doo’s exclusive removable watertight storage bin, and a large glove box. The GTX 155 model also features Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with ECO mode, Cruise control / Slow mode, fuel consumption display, Variable Trim System (VTS), hinged seat, tilt steering with a digital infocenter and fold-down reboarding ladder.


2017 Sea-Doo GTX S 155

Customers looking for ultimate comfort at an entry-level price in the luxury category can choose the GTX S 155 that includes BRP’s exclusive rider suspension system as the most affordable suspension-equipped Sea-Doo model in the line. The manually adjustable suspension system of the GTX S 155 pads the entire rider environment (seat, footwells, and handlebars as well as glove box and watertight front storage) from water chop with 5.5 inches (14 cm) of travel tuned to ensure the smoothest ride possible, riding alone or with passengers. The 2017 Sea-Doo GTX 155 and GTX S 155 are both available in Black and Deep Pewter Satin.

 About BRP

BRP (TSX: DOO) is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of powersports vehicles and propulsion systems. Its portfolio includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles, Can-Am Spyder roadsters, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts, motorcycles and recreational aircraft. BRP supports its line of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and clothing business. With annual sales of over CA$3.5 billion from 107 countries, the Company employs approximately 7,600 people worldwide.

* Inspect supercharger every 200 hours (irrespective of the number of years) when vehicle is used in intense conditions such as off-shore riding, continuous operation at wide open throttle, etc.

1 Based on BRP internal testing

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